6 Feb 2023

My Academic Career in 6 Documents

Recently, whilst searching shelves for something else entirely, I happened upon the folder of essays I wrote as part of my MA in English & American Literature. Doing so, I was semi-stunned to note that even the most recent of them — the final thesis — is now more than a decade old1. Nevertheless, rather than merely continue sitting in a folder upstairs, I figured it might be time to at least give them a home online2.

You never know who might stumble upon these things after a highly specific search engine query! If that’s you, I hope something here is of interest.

As always, send your comments, criticisms, and questions to hello@zioibi.com

  1. Heck, it shouldn’t be a surprise; I have a decade-old blogpost about it.  ↩︎

  2. I’ve also dug out an older piece: my undergraduate thesis 🫣  ↩︎