13 Jan 2023

Recommencing the practice of blogging each year, I’m often sent back to this book: Nicely Said, by Nicole Fenton & Kate Kiefer Lee. Originally published in 2014, it’s a straight-forward guide to some basic principles of writing non-fiction for public consumption, and has some useful insight into what makes the web a unique medium.

I haven’t re-read the whole thing, but I do find it valuable to pull down from the shelf and flick through every once in a while, to recalibrate the extent to which my own ‘online voice’ has strayed from the path of legibility. I won’t say that I follow every piece of the book’s advice to the letter, but there are certainly ideas and rules of thumb that have stuck with me over the years.

Here’s a microsite for the book, which also includes some neat supplementary resources.