7 Jan 2023

I know that we’re almost a week into 2023, and that the fatigue on ‘end of year’ wrap-ups is real. But, I only just found out that Letterboxd offer one, and I found some of the results interesting / funny.

Firstly, I’m totally puzzled as to what was going on 3-16 Sep that meant I didn’t watch a single movie. It would be one thing to have only two weeks in the year where I didn’t sit down to a film, but the fact that they’re back-to-back like that feels weird.

Also notable: Thursday is my most frequent film-watching weekday because my special lady friend attends a class that evening.

Secondly, my ‘most watched actors’ has been heavily swayed by the fact that I watched all five Scream movies in 2022. However, the inclusion — at the top — of Ethan Hawke was a surprise. I can only attribute it to the fact that dude works! Those six Hawke flicks were Dead Poets Society (1989); Taking Lives (2004); First Reformed (2017); The Northman (2022); The Black Phone (2021); Raymond & Ray (2022)1.

Of course, ‘most-watched directors’ also gets skewed by that re-watch of the Scream franchise, and — in fact — two of the other inclusions here are the result of (re-)watching trilogies. Can you name them? (One should be pretty freaking obvious!)

  1. FWIW I also enjoyed Hawke’s (somewhat hammy) turn in Moon Knight for Disney+ last year.  ↩︎